Definition of Motivation

What is the Definition of Motivation?

the reason or reasons one has for acting or behaving in a particular way: escape can be a strong motivation for travel.


People are motivated to do everything they do.  Literally everything.  We are motivated to breath because it keeps us alive.  Even if we do it subconsciously, our brain is wired to always breath.  The REASON is to keep us alive.  It is that REASON why we do it without thinking.

Let’s look at some bigger examples:

Lazy people: Lazy people are motivated to be lazy, and are not motivated enough to NOT be lazy.  The person sees more comfort, relaxation, and ease in being lazy.  That is their motivation.  They see more value in that, than they do in doing something productive.  They see more value in the immediate comfort that laziness brings, rather than the immediate pain/hard work to achieve a goal.

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Babies: Do you ever wonder why babies crawl into places they shouldn’t?  Why they have to unroll the entire toilet paper roll?  Babies are motivated to do these things because they want to find out what’s at the end of the toilet paper roll.  They want to find out what’s in that kitchen cabinet.  That is their reason for doing it!

Teenagers: Teenagers are motivated to get into trouble.  It is fun to do something wrong.  Why?  Because they are told not to do it.  They are told that it is bad.  But do they really know what that means at such an early age?  No!  That’s why they do it!  Teenagers are motivated to experience the unknown, and to do something exciting!  Because doing something wrong or bad has excitement to it!   Once a harsh punishment is levied, then the motivation comes NOT to do anything bad or wrong.  The reason then is the fear of the consequence.  If the consequences are not enough to fear, teenagers will not be motivated enough to avoid doing bad things.

Entrepreneurs: The entrepreneur is motivated for something more.  More than just standard.  He or she wants to innovate.  Change the game.  Do it better than everyone else.  These people are driven and motivated to do whatever is necessary to see their vision come to life.  Entrepreneurs work very hard, for countless hours.  They eat ramen noodles for months just to save money.  They sleep less than 5 hours per night.  They do some of the unhealthiest things to do to your body, just to be successful.  Just to reach their goals.  Entrepreneurs will go to any length to get the job done.

They are motivated by the idea of success.  The idea of their vision coming true.  That is the reason they do things that most people would never do.  That is the reason they want it so bad.  They are motivated to separate themselves from the common person.  They are motivated to live with no regrets of not trying.  They want to live their dream lifestyle.  Entrepreneurs are motivated by the fact that we only live once.  They do not want to waste it building some other person’s dream by having a job.  They want to build their own dream.  Something they can hand down as a legacy.  Something that will etch their name in history forever.

So what motivates You?

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