Everyone is Obsessed with Image

Image. What other people think. Of you.

Fashion. Job. Accessories. Gadgets. Instagram Pictures and Stories.

All of it contributes to what we see as our personal “Image”

And the image others have of us.

Is this wrong? No. But it can be destructive.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to dress nice, have the latest phone, etc.

But when does it become destructive? When you can’t wear the same thing twice?

Seriously.. No one cares if you wear something nice multiple times.

If they do, why are they in your life?

Is this where time should be spent? Going to the mall/Amazon to get a new outfit?

Just to appease to people who you think actually care about what you are wearing?

Are they really going to think less of you because you don’t spend time/money/stress about a new outfit?

Is this where mental energy and “anxiety” should be spent? Is this what is causing us to be anxious?…

There is a massive swarm of “mental health awareness” happening. And I believe it is good.

Self image is where it starts.  Do what makes YOU happy.

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