Insanity Workout: 20 Minutes to Totally Toned

Insanity Workout: 20 Minutes to Totally Toned

Insanity Workout

I came across this article on Yahoo! They re purposed it from So I need to give credit to those two websites, and the Insanity Workout for providing this amazing, free, fat burning and muscle building workout that will help you get in shape!

So, here’s the deal: You only have limited time to workout.  You don’t want to use or have any exercise equipment.  And you have some weight you like to lose.  Or maybe  you just want to get into shape and see some of your muscles pop out.  Whatever it is, this workout will without a doubt, get you to either of those goals without any equipment, and in 20 minutes per session.

This workout takes, 6 handpicked exercises from the Insanity Program, and has constructed a circuit designed to work your entire body.

The big warning I will have for you, is that this workout is taxing.  You must persevere to push through it.  If your body tells you to stop, then take a break, but you have to push yourself to achieve maximum results.  (I have done the full insanity workout and it is INSANE!) You should also note that Shaun T continuously says, “Land softly” and he says this to ensure that your knees stay safe.

Now onto the workout:

The Insanity Workout: 20 Minutes to Totally Toned

  • The 20 Minutes to Totally Toned workout entails going through the following 6 exercises (see below) in a circuit (non stop).  Do the routine 2 days in a row, then 1 day off, and repeat.
  • You must do each exercise for 1 minute straight without stopping.  Once you finish one, without taking a break, do the next one until you finish all 6.  This should take up 6 minutes.
  • Once you have completed 1 full circuit, take a 1 minute break.
  • Then repeat the circuit, (6 minutes) take a 1 minute break, and do one more full circuit.
  • This should take up 20 minutes.

I highly suggest starting with a 5 minute warm up/dynamic stretching, and 5 minute cool down/static stretching.

Here are the exercises:

Enjoy the workout, share the workout (bottom right of your screen) and leave some comments below! Let us all know how you are doing with the workout and what your results are!


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