Why Naps are Great!

Napping.  It is one of the most amazing things EVER!nap

Taking a nap is so useful.  It can change your entire day.  It can make you go from feeling like a zombie, to feeling like a million bucks.

So let’s break it down:

What are naps?

Normally we sleep for an extended period of time.  It is the time for our body to rest and recharge.  Naps are short versions of this.  They are meant to rest and recharge in a much shorter period of time.  Depending on the certain situation, the napper can wake up feeling many different ways.  We will delve into that more below.

Where sleeping usually is considered 3 or more hours, naps are anything less than that.  (If someone tells you that they took a 4 hour nap, it’s more like they slept for 4 hours.)

Why is Napping Good?

I’m going to bullet point this section because there are a TON of benefits!

  • Reduces Stress
  • Boosts Productivity
  • Improves Mood
  • It can rid you of feeling tired

Naps allow your body to relax and breathe deeply.  This will allow more oxygen to reach your whole body.  You will have escaped from reality and allowed your mind to shut down for a little bit.  When you wake up, your mood will have improved, your body will feel rested, and your mind will be ready to get back into action.

Some people don’t always wake up feeling great.  The reasons can vary from being ill, or your body really needing an extended period of rest and not a nap.  But if you follow these rules, your naps will be amazing:

Napping no no’s

  • Don’t get ready for bed.

This means that you should not get into your PJ’s and get under all the blankets in your bed.  This promotes longer sleep periods.

  • Turn off the TV

The TV will cause your mind to listen to what is being broadcasted whether you want to or not.  You can fall asleep with it on, but it will not bring you a good nap.

  • Do not nap for more than 30 minutes.  You may wake up feeling worse than you did when you fell asleep.
  • Do not sleep in productive locations

You shouldn’t fall asleep in places such as an office, or a library.  You do not want your mind to get used to that location being a place to rest.  You want to keep that place as a productive place.  Your body wires itself in ways we can’t even imagine.  Don’t test it.

How to Fall Asleep Quick

  • Be in a routine

If you create a routine where you nap at a certain time everyday, your body will wire itself to do just that.

  • Breathe Deeply

Doing various breathing exercises will allow your body to relax.

  • Listen to something like this:

How to Wake Up

  • Stretch

It is best to activate your muscles and stretch them out.  That way, your body quickly wakes up and is ready for action

  • Have something to do

If you need to do something right away after you wake up, it won’t let you stay there and lolly gag.  When you just stay and lolly gag, you run the risk of falling back asleep

  • Set an alarm

No shame. Just do it.  Or have someone call you.  If you know you could very well turn a 20 minute nap into a 4 hour session, make sure you wake up with an alarm!


Naps are awesome.  Plain and simple.  They do absolute wonders for so many people.  I am an advocate that work places should give employees 20 minutes to just nap.  The overall affect is incredible!

I love napping (when I can) as it does put me in a better mood and boosts my productivity.

Share some napping stories, questions, and tips in the comments!

Share this, and encourage all to nap!

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